Monday, December 29, 2008

Chattanooa Cont.

The end of my trip to Chattanooga was just as awesome as the beginning.
Like I mentioned before, I made Christmas dinner. Come to find was pretty good. :) Andy and Kevin went climbing Christmas day at LRC and I stayed home to cook. I was a little bummed I couldn't go play, but I was very happy with how the dinner came out and how the house looked for company Christmas night. The pies were great. I think the Italian beef came out pretty good too. I think it was my favorite Christmas ever so far. Not that my childhood Christmas wasn't fun, but cooking Christmas dinner for my husband in shorts and sandals with ALL the windows open while he was rock climbing, was exactly what I would describe as my ultimate holiday. Plus, because of having 2 homes to take care of, we did not exchange gifts. I thought I would really miss a major component of the holiday, but I actually enjoyed the holiday more because of it. I didn't have any pressure to buy that super special gift. Our gift to each other was being under the same roof for more than 3 days. Ahhh. That was really nice.
The day after Christmas I went to yoga at the new yoga studio in the same shopping complex Andy's new Trek store is located in (The North Shore). It is called North Shore Yoga.

It was the BEST yoga class I have ever been to. The name of the class was "Flow Yoga." Very similar to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Although, there were more breaks in this flow class between postures than in other ashtanga classes I have taken. The room was heated to about 85*-90* It was awesome! I had a great experience. So good in fact, I went back the next day and took their "Hot Yoga" class. Very similar to Bikram Yoga, but for some copy right reason or something they can't call it Bikram. The room was heated to 110*!!! Classes are guided by specific dialogue including 26 postures and two breathing exercises. The class lasted for approximately 90-minutes. Consequently, I was super duper sweaty. It was really cool. The instructor was good. A little on the militant side, but I think that is they type of yoga that was presented. I was a little intimated before class and my worries were not put to rest until about 1/2 way into the class. The breathing is different and since the room is so much hotter, there are precautions that need to be taken. For instance, they told me to drink plenty of water before and during class, not to eat for 1-2 hours before, and if I feel light headed to sit down. I thought...I did an Ironman. I can handle 2 yoga classes one day after another, even if one of them is going to be really really hot, right? Right? It went well. Whew. I am not a yoga wussy.
After yoga on Friday, Andy and I went to the aquarium and walked around downtown Chattanooga. It was great. The left side of the building (east) is the ocean and the right side (west) is the river. We hit the river side first.

Here I am in a shark tank. Oooooo. A tri-shark in a shark tank...the irony.
Friday night, Andy took me out on a date for Mexican food.

Saturday morning I did the hot yoga and Saturday afternoon I gave Andy his 2nd Christmas "present." (The first was dinner). I took ALL of his laundry (sleeping bags, dog blankets, sheets, towels, and regular laundry) to the laundromat. It has been a long time since I did laundry at a coin laundry facility. If you know me, there has to be an adventure here, right? You will not be disappointed. I get there with my GIANT tub of laundry and attempt to survey the scene. I pick 3 washers that are quad loads (holds up to 40 lbs.) I probably didn't need such big washers, but I was doing 3 sleeping bags, 4 blankets, 3 sets of sheets, and Andy's regular laundry. Anywhoisit... the washing went fine. Onto the drying. I think I kept putting too much into the wrong dryers because the Asian lady that owned the place kept coming over and yelling at me to switch dryers. After ~2 hours, I was done. Pleased with myself and ready to head home, I packed up my clean laundry and headed home. Come to find out none of the towels I dried were completely dry. Ugh.
Saturday night we went out with Kevin, Tyler, and Lacy. We first went to this billiards place on the South side of downtown. It was pretty cool. The next place we went to was Rhythm and Brews back in the heart of downtown. Great venue. We saw 2 live bands. They had Pabst Blue Ribbon in cans! Come to find out...once you have a couple of decent beers, good ol'PBR doesn't taste too bad.
The one thing I forgot, Tennessee is NOT smoke free! Damn. My clothes by the end of the night needed to be incinerated. I HATE smoke on my clothes. Guess when I move down there, my work with the Heart/Lung Association in Bloomington will continue. Watch out Chatta-vegas, smoke free bars are coming!

The drive back to Bloomington was not as bad as the drive down to Chattanooga. The weather was good and the traffic was very light. My heart on the other hand, was very heavy. I really did not want to leave Chattanooga. I miss being with Andy every day and seeing him every day. I miss our dogs being together. I can't wait to sell the house in Bloominton and make our lives so much more simpler/happier by living in the same time zone. So keep your fingers crossed and your ears open for anyone that would like to buy a 1920's 2 BR/1BA super duper cute house on Washington St. in Bloomington, IL. Here is a link to the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) web-site...

Take care,

I will leave you with the most hilarious picture of the week...Atreyu wanted to get up on my lap while I sat in a camping chair. He missed me! Can you blame him?

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