Friday, August 29, 2014

LAWD! I stink at blogging...

So much has been going on in the past 8 months. Revamping business strategy for the HUB, failed family vacation due to baby boy illness, regular life, and bla bla bla. Not that everything has been crap. Aven and Tristan are beautiful, smart, awesome kiddos. They make me smile everyday. Aven is a little fish and loves to swim. Tristan is wanting (and can) to do everything Aven does. Andy is such a great husband and wicked awesome dad -- so blessed. I have been training a lot...just not sure for what. I have my pre-kiddo body back (well almost, I would say I am 90% of the way there). I have been really digging lifting. I don't think I would get to the point of taking it seriously though. I love food too much. But "gettin' swole" is fun!
Back to the lack of blogging. Not that I haven't been thinking about it. Tons of ideas have been swirling. Some items I have wanted to blog about, but then either I don't have the time to actually put clear thoughts in writing, or it is no longer relevant. Here is a taste of what might be coming down the line...

1. Women in Sports - lack of support, lack of money, lack of draw
2. Motherhood shaming - the perfect mom vs. the lazy mom vs. the real mom
3. Buying Power of Women - why are we duped by advertisers and don't see our power?
4. Technology - what I am loving, what I want, and where is it going?
5. Body Image - how I feel about myself, how I view my female counterparts, and what I want for my daughter.
6. Ironman - do I dare?

I guess this is more of a work in progress entry. Getting something out there...anything is better than nothing, right?