Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy weekend...

This past weekend was super busy for me. Very fun and fulfilling, but busy. Friday night I went over to my friends Jessica and Seth Gieson's for some cookie decorating and pre Tri-Shark formal planning.

Saturday morning it was off to the vet for Sky, my father-in-law's dog. Saturday afternoon was some final house remodeling (re-grouting the shower) and getting ready for the 3rd annual Tri-Shark formal. The formal Saturday night was a blast. I ate way too much, drank way too much, and danced way too much ;-) It was so great hanging out with all of our friends and having such a great time. While I was having such a great time, I was also really bummed Andy wasn't there to experience it with me. It is at times like that I actually feel more lonely and miss Andy more than ever. We tried to have Andy on a conference call so he could experience the awards portion of the evening, but the technology fairies were not cooperating with us. At least we tried, right? Andy won male MVP and I won "shark bait." For those of you not familiar with the Tri-Shark awards categories... MVP--well that is pretty self explanatory--Andy totally rocks. Shark bait on the other hand, is an award for a club member that did the dumbest thing during the season and lived to tell about it. Well, out of 3 nominees, I won. I guess. The dumb thing I did was not eating enough/correctly before my half ironman this summer. Then to top it off, I was late to the start of the same race and finally I got my timing chip mixed up with Andy's. Consequently, I messed up the results for M25-29 and W30-34. In one fell swoop, I did 3 dumb things in one race. Yup. That is how I roll.

On Sunday, I attempted to recover from the evening before. I nursed a wicked hangover all day. pong and flippy cup until 3 in the morning is not the best idea I have ever had. Sunday night I went over to Colleen and Scott Klein's house for the annual Ironman Hawaii party. Again, bitter sweet. I loved talking to everyone and catching up on new news in our friend's lives, but with out Andy there, it just didn't seem complete. Now I am home with a full belly and my hangover is on the way out. Payton and I are cozied up on the bed about to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. Not really looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but it is one day closer to seeing Andy, so that is good.

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