Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby #2 for the Sweets...OMG.

Yup it is true. Andy and I are having another baby. We new we wanted to have 2 kids and after my blog post, it really hit home how much we wanted to start trying again. We thought it would take a couple of months maybe even longer since we were under a little more stress this time, (1+ year old baby, new business, Ironman training, etc.) but it happened shockingly fast. I joke with my sister-in-law about how she and her husband can just look at each other and get pregnant. For Andy and I, when we were trying with Aven, it took 3 months of "trying" and on the 4th -- I got pregnant. For baby #2, I wanted to see if I had learned anything from "trying" the first time...

*I keep putting trying in " " because it really isn't so much trying for us as scheduling thang.

I digress...So, in January, we stopped using birth control and I had a couple of old ovulation test sticks left over from Aven. Not sure if those test sticks expire, so I didn't really have all that much promise with getting pregnant on the first try. It didn't happen. No biggie. In February, I bought a new ovulation test kit and 2 digital pregnancy tests. I read and re-read the directions (typical of me) on the ovulation test kit until I had it memorized. I also did the ovulation calculator on Baby Center. So we had our 24-48 hour window. Other than, that we were pretty relaxed about the weekend. We didn't fall into the "OMG it could happen this weekend!" conversation. We didn't really get all that worked up. Which I think helped. We bought a couple bottles of wine, made some great meals at home, had some good quality time with each other, I got a massage at the end of the weekend, and then we waited. 

I think the 2 weeks of waiting until you either get your period or don't get your period, are the worst. I tried to stay calm and not get too excited. I didn't "feel" pregnant. I wasn't emotional and my boobs weren't sore. All of which happened with Aven. So, I was getting prepared to see the NOT PREGNANT on the digital read out. The day before I was supposed to get my period was a Friday. So I figured, if it says not pregnant it might be too early and not to get disappointed. So I took the test anyway. Andy was getting Aven ready for the day so ... I peed. The results come up fast on the digital preggo tests. That is why I like them so much. PLUS. It is really clear. Not digging the instructions out of the garbage to read and re-read...1 blue line or 2? What about that is "clear blue easy"? 

It read PREGNANT. So I tried to calmly walk into Aven's room and show Andy. I said soon as I saw Andy I couldn't help but hug him and start crying. I didn't want to freak Aven out in her (I am just like Daddy and do not like to wake up-sleepy baby mode) so I silently started cheering. I showed him the test and he was just as happy. 

We are really over the moon! Even though nugget #2 still has 28 weeks before his/her debut, I am at peace. I love Andy and Aven so much and I feel with a second child our family will be complete. Aven will have a playmate and hopefully a life long friend. They will only be 22 months apart. Due date is 11/11/2012.

It is funny...with your first baby everyone asks a couple of questions right off the bat: 1) How are you feeling? and 2) Are you going to find out if it is a boy or a girl? With the second pregnancy, people have been habitually asking: 1) Are you going to have more? and 2) Do you want a boy or a girl?

To answer those questions...I think we are going to be happy with 2 kids. Man on Man defense instead of Zone is the way we want to keep things. Plus, I am not getting any younger. I personally don't want to have babies in my forties. Not that that is a bad thing, it is just not what I am wanting for me. Regarding the sex of the baby, really? Really? I don't have a choice. Even if I did, I don't think I would take that opportunity. Also, from what I have learned from having Aven, it doesn't really matter if your kid is a boy or a girl. They are going to be their own person and give you back what you give them. Sure, it would be easier if we had a girl. We have all the clothes; but how hard is it to go shopping? If we had a boy, then Andy would have a buddy; but then he already has a buddy. Aven is SO a Daddy's little girl it is hilarious. She lights up when we pull up to the Hub or he walks in the room = buddy. So I think having a second Baby Sweet, regardless of if he is a boy or she is a girl, is going to be a wild, fun, and awesome ride. =)

Nugget #2 circa 7 weeks measuring 6.5 cm