Thursday, December 4, 2008

A fun day's ride... with Floyd!

So, I quickly realized once I got to Chattanooga that I was gonna love the riding here.... but that I would have to get strong fast! My ride team ride (Motor Mile Racing) left at 6am in the dark and took us up three of the local mountains (Raccoon, Elder, and Lookout)... in less than 32 miles of riding! Lets just say it was humbling.

Since then, I have been riding a ton with the guys, learning the trails and the roads. Every ride has been really fun, cause its all new to me, and we have some amazing terrain. And I have high expectations for the Motor Mile Team's training regimen... cause these guys are monsters!

Anyway, despite all the great rides so far, I think today's 2 o'clock ride is gonna take the cake. Why, you ask? Well, earlier this week while I was at work at the shop, we had our first high-profile visitor! None other than Floyd Landis (winner of the 2006 Tour de France and former World MTB Champion) and he just signed onto the new OUCH pro team for this year.

Yup, Floyd was hanging out at the shop! And it turns out that some of my teammates are really good friends of his... so he is staying in town this week and training with us!!! I am so stoked... today I will be meeting up with him and my friend Brad for a 4-hour road session! I'll post afterwards if I don't completely kill myself trying to hang on for this ride!



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