Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prospective race season for Heather

Just turning some wheels while at work today. (Shhhh don't tell anyone at the Nut ;-))

Thinking about getting back in the saddle, on the road, and in the pool. IM FL was 4 weeks ago and I am itching to get a schedule together for 2009. My hope is to be in Chattanooga by March, so my race schedule tentatively will be in the south.

Two years ago I did the Memphis in May Olympic distance tri and my brother-in-law, Chris, did both the mountain bike race on Saturday and the Olympic distance on Sunday. I thought he was so tough to race back to back events. Last year, I wanted to do both, but because of late registration fees and the insane cost of gas, I didn't go. Total bummer.

When you do both it is called the MiM Amateur Challenge. They award $5000 cash purse payable to the 15 male and female athletes with the best combined time in the Olympic and the mountain bike race. Not sure if I will snag any money, but I really want to race hard for 2 days and see what I can do.

The cost of the Olympic is only $95, if you register before 12/31/2008. The cost of the mountain bike race is only $45, if you register before 2/28/2009. Not too bad if you get in early. Anyone want to race with me? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? The date of the races is 5/16-17/2009.

The other races I have in mind are the Natchez Trace State Park Sprint in TN (between Memphis and Nashville) on Sunday March 22, 2009 and the Scenic City Sprint in Chattanooga, TN at the end of April.

That is it for now, gonna wait and see what else will come our way in 2009.

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Laura Vedeen said...

Any races up in Bloom bloom planned? I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking around this summer b/c I'm pretty sure I'll be teaching/workin in the lab...

BTW fun idea to keep in touch =)