Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting better and better

I think I am going to need to seriously pinch myself...

This week has been AWESOME! The weekend in Illinois was crazy busy, but so great at the same time. We saw Chris, Cara, and Jonah on Friday with guest appearances from Larry, Deb, Sondra, Jim (Sweet family), Phil, Mick, Nancy, and Shawn (Bloomington friends). The boys headed to the 1 bar in Lexington, while Cara and I held down the fort. It was nice to spend a quiet night after traveling, but I also felt like I was missing out on the "fun." Oh maybe next time I and Aven will get invited to Dat Bar, yes folks the name of the bar is DAT BAR. hahaha

We headed to Elaine's house Saturday morning and got ready for Jacqueline's wedding Saturday night. The mass was beautiful (of the little I was able to see). Aven needed to eat and she was super fussy from traveling so much, so she and I headed to the vestibule and listened. The reception was wonderful as well. Tons of family, wonderful toasts, good music, and yummy food.

Sunday Aven got baptized. Elaine and I put Aven in my baptism gown and took some photos. Then we got her dressed in her baptism gown I made from my wedding dress shawl and Elaine's baptism dress. I started making the under dress (from my wedding dress shawl) about 2 weeks before, and darn it, the little bugger grew so much in those 2 weeks it was too tight for her! UGH. Well, a little snip snip here and there and we were off and running. The ceremony was perfect. Small, informal, and meaningful. Jacqueline and Wes are Aven's Godparents. Rob Heiple was the deacon (he performed our wedding mass). Receiving sacraments are so powerful and meaningful to me. So of course, I cried when she was given her very first of hopefully many sacraments. After the ceremony we went to Elaine's for a reception. It was so nice. The food was amazing. (Thanks Elaine) The cake was to die for! (Thanks Aunt Mary Ellen) So many people brought wonderful gifts and cards for Aven. We are so blessed. Thanks everyone!!!

After about the worst night's sleep in a long time, we jumped back on the road to TN. A whirlwind weekend to say the least. The next day was my first day at my new job!!! I am working at American Bicycle Group in Ooltewah, TN. They manufacture titanium and carbon road bikes (Litespeed) and carbon and aluminum tri bikes (Quintana Roo). I am so freaking excited to be working for a company that is passionate about their product, locally owned, American made, and everyone there is SO nice. I really like my boss too! What a bonus, right? ;-) Right now, I am doing a bunch of different things (accounting, clerical, warranty, & marketing). I think my position will transform the longer I am there. I think this is a great company and I see myself being there for a long time. So that is good...finally. *sigh*

The other totally amazing things that happened this week are with Aven. I know, I am turning into one of "those" Mommies...nevertheless I am subjecting you all to my proud Mommy ramblings. Aven is sleeping through the night!!!! Dr. Josh said to nurse her, give her a bath, and then put her down to go to sleep. So on Wednesday night we started. We figured after we put her down we would be starting the 2 hours of crying and tormenting. Nope. She went down and slept though until 3 am the next morning. I was amazed. Thinking it was her being over tired from the weekend we did the same thing the next night expecting...ok THIS is it. She is going to cry forever tonight. Nope. This time she went down at 7:30 pm and I HAD to wake her up at 5 am or else my boobs were going to explode. Last night, we kept her up a little late b/c we had dinner at Terra Nostra Tapas and Wine Bar. We got home at 10 pm, I nursed her and put her to bed. I was too tired to give her a I know I 'effed up the whole routine, but I don't care. She slept till 7:30 am!!! YEAH! Now the only thing I have to deal with is getting up in the middle of the night to pump off my milk, or else I am going to have to wear 2 bras to bed! hahaha.

Aven also rolled over for Andy this week! She is becoming so alert. She is wanting to lay in her crib or play pen and look at everything around her. I think I am going to try to get one of those play mats. HERE is an example of one. Sleeping through the night, playing with toys, noticing the world around her...ahhhhh I am so happy. I am sure one day the happy bliss will end and she will go through a growth spurt or start to teethe, but until then I am going to bask in the glory of a happy healthy baby. =)

Another wicked awesome thing that is going to happen soon (hopefully this up coming week)...I am getting a new QR (Quintana Roo) bike! I am going to get the CD0.1 in black/grey "distressed" graphics. Check it out! I am so freaking excited to get back on the bike. I think I may take it for a spin next weekend with another biking Mommy. Yeah!