Monday, January 19, 2015

20 Things to do before I'm 3 months

1. Raise money for a cause
2. Zip line
3. Camp with kids
4. Take Aven horseback riding
5. Vacation at the beach
6. Get a six pack (not beer)
7. Learn to play the ukulele
8. Hike a 14er
9. SUP
10. Do 5 pull-ups
11. Learn to shoot a long bow
12. Catch up on baby books
13. Organize photos/videos
14. Learn to 2-step with turns
15. Learn to pole dance
16. Learn to sing
17. Cover up wrist and get lace tattoos
18. Climb 5.10 outside clean
19. Take a self-defense class
20. Learn 100 ALS signs

First thing on the list. CHECK! 40 here we come...

What? You are turning 40?!?

Friday, January 2, 2015

I Call Bullshit on 2014!

Whoa! That was crazy. Today is January 2nd and we are officially finished with the holidays. Thank God. This year was good. OK. It was fine..actually it totally sucked. 2014 was not my favorite.

Although the holidays were a little better, but I wish we were able to go on vacation to the beach over the holidays, I wish we had more time off, and I wish we had a little more sun. But you know what?

I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but wishing for things to happen vs. making things happen has been my complete and utter downfall this year. Last year on NYE, we wrote our wishes for 2014 on a cute little piece of paper and put it in our NYE wish box. The same thing Andy and I have done for the last 4 years. Guess what happened? Nothing. The same bull-shit that happens every year. None of the wishes came true. They were all like, "I wish we have more money next year." "I wish we are all healthy next year." Bla bla bla. This year we didn't do any of our traditional traditions and it was great. We woke up Christmas morning to just the 4 of us. We didn't have any travel plans. We didn't do the big NYE feast and we didn't try to squeeze a hike in miserable cold weather with 2 little kids in tow. 

We just hung. I felt like a teenager. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Not having expectations for the holidays and just enjoying the little time I have off from work with my family was good.

There were some things we loved and I totally need to write down because they were too precious and I don't want to forget them. All of them centered around the kids. 

1. This is the first year Aven has been old enough to articulate and understand what Santa is and that she would like certain things for Christmas. One day she came running up to Andy and I (almost breathless) and said, "Can we put dolls sold separately on my list?" Andy and I were like "Sure..." To each other: "What the heck is dolls sold separately?" Then we were watching TV with her and saw this commercial...Oh Yeah!!! Each Sold Separately. #Cutebeyondwords

2. Santa left a note saying Aven's presents were wrapped in RED paper and Tristan's presents were wrapped in BLUE. One week later Aven told day care what Santa did. Looks like this tradition is going to stick.

3. We made Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve.

4. Tristan followed his big sister everywhere. He wanted to do everything she did. It was the sweetest thing to watch them together.

5. We took Aven to see Santa at Camp Jordan's Festival of Lights. Tristan was fascinated by all the blue lights. 

6. We had Aven's 4th birthday party...with friends. Tangled theme. She had a Tangled cake, Mother Gothel pinata (with frying pan), and floating lights. Come to find out the floating lights are illegal in Tennessee, so probably not doing that in the future. Darn, because they were SO COOL!

So for 2015, I am not doing wishes. I am not going to hope for good things for the future. I am gonna work my ass off.