Monday, October 1, 2012

Preggo update week 35-ish

Wanted to let you all know how my appointment went last Friday...good. No vag tests = good doc appointment. ;-) Baby boy is right on target for the status of my pregnancy.

I didn't have to take another fetal fibronectin test. Come to find out, there isn't anything medical they can do TO me after week 34 to help the baby if he decided to come early. So it is back to things as usual. This past weekend was awesome. We got so much stuff done! My parents and Andy's Dad came up to the house to help out with some projects.

Things that got completed:
  • Floor in new family room installed
  • EVERYTHING except crown molding and base boards was completed in new family room.
  • Furniture moved into new family room
  • Furniture moved from our bedroom into old family room
  • Shelves installed in Aven's new room, new family room, and our new bedroom
  • Toys organized and sorted (baby, goodwill, etc.)
  • Ceiling fan installed in Aven's new room
  • Baby stuff brought down from the attic (car seat, bouncer, clothes, car seat base)
  • New car seat cover installed.
  • Deep freeze moved up to kitchen and cleaned
  • Finished cleaning outside of the house in prep for re-staining
  • Power washed off deck for resealing
  • Purchased paint to repaint Aven's new room
Things that still need to be finished:
  • Wash all newborn diapers
  • Wash all newborn clothes/blankets/socks
  • Move Aven's clothes into her new room
  • Purchase twin bed for Aven
  • Purchase twin bedding for Aven
  • Purchase guard rail for Aven
  • Clean breast pump :-( I hate that thing...but I love it too.
  • Decorate Aven and baby boy's rooms
  • Get swing down from attic
  • Purchase new pack and play/sheets
  • Install car seat bases
My friend Courtney is coming for a visit this weekend/week. I am so excited to see her. I haven't seen her in over a year. Maybe she will help me with some painting and decorating ;-) Well ta ta for now!


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