Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cramming for Baby

Wow. Things are really moving more ways than I would expect.

First, I want to say yes, my blogs have been very very baby focused, but that is what is going on...ergo baby stuff will continue. I promise to blog more about life beyond Mommy-ville when things settle down. I am guessing in about 3 months when I surface from the blanket of nursing, midnight feedings, and all things newborn. If this is your first baby, be warned -- the first 3 months of his/her life are like walking through a cloud. Everyday gets a little more clear, but until your precious bambino hits that 12 week mark, you will be unrecognizable to yourself. Don't be scared, just be prepared and patient with yourself. It is normal.

Ok. Now back to the preggo stuff =) I am almost 37 weeks. I will turn 37 on Saturday. Full term. WOW. At my last appointment I didn't meet with my midwife, she was on vaca. Silly woman, doesn't she know she should be at my beck and call? ;-) Just kidding. Meg is awesome and deserves a vaca. I met with another midwife and she is just as nice, sweet, and intelligent. Although, she measured my fundal measurement a little differently and I came up 2 cm smaller than I should. I think I mentioned this in an earlier blog with Aven, but the fundal measurement is in centimeters and is from the top of your uterus to the top of your pubic bone. If you are 36 weeks, you should measure 36 cm. So at 36 weeks I was measuring 34 cm...but little man likes to hang out on the right side and throws off my measurements ;-) Thanks kid. Actually it was ok, because she ordered a sonogram to make sure all was going well. Since Andy and I haven't seen little man up on the big screen since our 18 week appointment, it was sorta nice. 
Not our sonogram, but a visual nonetheless...our sonogram tech has a huge LCD screen on the wall that is like 35" from corner to corner.

Come to find out, little man is right on target for 36 weeks. They measured his femur, skull, and circumference/diameter of his torso. They measured what space is left (how much fluid I have in there). They also estimated he was weighing in at about 6.1 lbs. That last part is what threw me...Aven weighed 6.1 when she was born! To think I have the same size baby in my belly at 36 weeks as I did at 39 was startling. I mean...we are not ready yet. He can't come now. I have a craptasitc load of stuff to do!

So I committed this past weekend to cramming for baby boy. It works for studying, training, and life in general, right? OR is it that it doesn't work, hmmm. Oh well, I tried. I think I got a lot accomplished too. All of his clothes are washed, diapers are washed (yup doing cloth for #2 also), rooms switched (Aven into her big bedroom with all her toys), and little man's stuff in the nursery. I painted letters for a name display in his room, organized Goodwill stuff, placed decorative decals on Aven's walls and little man's walls (photos coming soon), organized Aven's toys, cleaned the carpets in Aven's room, hallway, dining room, and little man's room (wow that was gross), cleaned the house, and paid bills. WHEW. All the while carrying a 6 pound human in my belly!!!! Andy has his fair share of work to do outside...don't worry he isn't one to sit on his ass and watch football while I kill myself getting stuff done.

I have no clue how I did it. Really. I don't. My back was so on fire Sunday night I actually had to ask Andy to push me up off the couch to go to bed. LOL. I got a massage last night, so I am feeling a ton better, but I think that is the end of baby cramming. I hope...

The only things I have left to do are:
  • Buy Aven a big sister present
  • Buy a nightgown for myself for post labor
  • Buy nipple cream
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Buy twin mattress
  • Buy twin sheets/comforter
  • Make day bed frame for Aven (ANDY)
  • Clean my breast pump...that can wait b/c I am not going to start pumping for at least 2 weeks until after he gets here
  • Buy a second night light
  • Buy a second diaper hamper/liner/wet bag
  • Buy double stroller 
  • Buy more black out material for Aven's room/windows
So...lots of shopping =) Something I think I can handle. I have no clue when he is actually going to pick his birthday, but things certainly are progressing.

WARNING TMI alert: I have lost my mucus plug, he has most defiantly dropped, and I am already producing colostrum. I delivered 1 week early with Aven with NONE of these pre-labor signs, so I am not sure how that will translate to #2. I would like to have at least 2 more weeks where I can relax and play with Aven, but we will see how things play out.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you have a question or just want to say HI. =)

36 weeks front

36 weeks side

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