Tuesday, October 30, 2012

38 weeks...& Counting

Exactly at this time in my pregnancy with Aven I was starting to feel crappy and menstrual.Two and a half days later she was here. Well, I am not feeling crappy or menstrual. I am actually feeling really good. A little tired and wish I could nap all day instead of go to work; but hey...I am 38 weeks pregnant with a full time job, a house, a husband with his own business, and a 22 month old. Being a little tired is par for the course ;-)

Truth of the matter is I don't think little man is coming any time soon. He is perfectly happy chillin' out and poking me repeatedly in strange places. I have been having a mix of Braxton Hicks and regular contractions for about 9 days now. Nothing too intense, but just enough to get me thinking and excited...but then they go away and I am back to thinking this kid is very happy where he is at. As of last Friday, I was dilated to 1 cm and he had dropped a little more than the week before, but nothing to be over excited about. He still has quite a bit of dropping to do.

Although, it would be pretty cool if he decides to make his birthday October 31st. Then he and Aven would both have holiday birthdays and be exactly 2 months apart. I have also had this inclining he would pick 11/1/12 as his birthday. But alas, that would mean my body would go into hyper drive and push a baby out in the next 24-48 hours. Just not feeling it.

A part of me is super anxious for him to arrive and I want it to happen right now! Then another part of me is fully aware of the pain, lack of control of said pain, and dramatic change in our daily routine. Don't get me wrong, I have never been more prepared and happy to be having a second baby. He is going to complete our family and bring all the joy and laughter to our home one little boy can bring. =) We are so blessed to be able to have 1 awesome kid, let alone the opportunity to have 2!

...But I am not as naive as I was when Aven was born. I thought 2 years ago, newborns cry, sleep, eat, and poop -- right? I can take care of that and have plenty of time to sleep, clean, work, eat, shower, fawn over my baby, and get my body back. WRONG.

Aven is very self sufficient for 22 months, she can tell us what she wants, what hurts, when she wants to eat, drink, go to bed, take a bath, etc. A newborn doesn't tell you a gosh darn thing. It is a learning process from day 1 and a bunch of trial and error. The first 3 months of Aven's life was putting her needs and wants ahead of my own and tending to everything she needed first. If I had anything left, I tried to give some to Andy and then I passed the EFF out. 

I think I am ok if little man wants to stay in until his due date (BTW-I am still not due for 12 more days) or even after that. A few more days of the status quo is totally cool with me. If he wants to make his debut early then I am cool with that too.

ADDED BONUS: I wanted to mention some very strange conversations I have been  having...

1. Cashier at Publix asked when I am due. I told her and then she asked if I was going to induce. What? Why would I do that? Is it common for women to say, "Hmmm let me see how I can make the most painful experience of my life MORE painful?" "Oh right, let me put chemicals into my body to make my body do something it isn't ready to do."

*I totally understand there are some women who get induced because they are past their due date and there are complications with prolonging pregnancy. Got it. But I don't think the Publix cashier was talking about those situations...

The way I see pregnancy is very much like an Ironman. If you trained to finish an Ironman in 12 hours, then you don't just stop when you hit the 12 hour mark. Nor do you turn to a SAG wagon and say "Oh, I hit 12 hours. Time to drive me to the finish." Ironman is a long day. Up to 17 hours. Pregnancy is a long 40-ish weeks. So if you trained for a 12 hour Ironman and finish in 12:19, that is still a win in my book. If you are pregnant for 42 weeks instead of 40, I think that is ok too. Your body will do what it wants to do when it wants to do it. Simple. I can drink a gallon of raspberry tea, get pedicures till my feet look like Aven's, and walk till the ends of the earth, but he is not going to come out until he is good and ready.

2. I LOVE this one from very random people (everyone from strangers on the street to people I have know for years) "When is that baby going to come?" Really? If I knew the answer to that question I would probably have answered it by now. Plus, I would be able to see into the future and subsequently have played the lottery. Thereby winning a craptasitc load of money and sitting at home with gobs of money and my baby.

So there!
 3. My male co-workers are the best. Seriously, I am the only woman in an office of men and they are SO trying to be sweet and understanding, but a few of them miss the mark a little. It is the sound effects that are killing me. Let's face it, men do not have a very extensive vocabulary when it comes to things outside sports, cars, money, hot women, sex, or tools. So talking to a very pregnant woman about when she is going to be leaving the office is uncomfortable for say the least. I have heard grown men imitate babies crying, Lamaze breathing, and screaming "labor pains." I almost pee my pants laughing anytime they try to communicate with me about when little man is arriving. BTW, they have created one of those football grids and are betting on his arrival date and weight. LMAO.

4. This one is possibly my favorite. I think he is going to come "insert date here." Mostly because I actually want to believe them and then at the same time, I am wondering what kind of insight do they have that I don't? I actually really do like this one, seriously. I wish I could take a bet on each one and see who gets the closest.

Thanks for reading...maybe I will have another blog entry sans baby boy maybe the next post will include a photo of  him. Who knows?  

(BTW, if you do, please leave a comment ;-)


Tara said...

I really enjoy reading your blog!!! The part about being induced is sooooo true. People ask it like, "do you want fries with that?" I've cant wait to meet your little boy and see you. Again!

Tara said...

I really enjoy reading your blog!!! The part about being induced is sooooo true. People ask it like, "do you want fries with that?" I cant wait to meet your little boy and see you. Again!