Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wet Hot American Summer

Summer has finally arrived. Here in the dirty South, things have been "summer like" for a while now, but with the arrival of June and the passing of Memorial's official.

We had a really great Memorial Day. Our neighbor's youngest daughter graduated from UTC and they wanted to throw a graduation/Memorial Day party. It really was an excuse to a) create a smoker b) smoke over 60 lbs of meat c) drink a lot of beer. Our friend Wes Young, chef extraordinaire, was the man of the hour. He came out to our place after work on Friday night to do a "test run." I went to bed at midnight...they were all still up "testing." Smoking meat is HARD work ;-) Wes worked downtown in the morning on Saturday and after work he came out again for the big show. I think they started smoking the pork shoulders, pork loin, turkey, and ham at about 7 pm. Andy said they went to bed at 5 am. After a couple hours sleep Andy got up and tended to the smoker until about 2 pm on Sunday.

We took a break from smoking meat to head down to Possum Creek and go swimming. The hike to the creek off our back deck is about 25 minutes...warning: Crocs are NOT good hiking shoes ;-) Our friend Steve took a beautiful tumble exclaiming, "God Bless 'Merica!!!" Classic.

Suggestion: when you come out to our house bring a pair of lace up shoes, an extra change of clothes, and know your cell phone reception will be crappy.

All in all, it was an awesome holiday. Great friends, good food, and beautiful weather (minus the rain at the end of Sunday). Not that the movie "Wet Hot American Summer" has really anything to do with how our summer down here in TN will play out, I just LOVE that movie. HERE is a clip...enjoy.

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