Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catching up with Friends

It has been over a month since my last post... GASP! I know, I know. I am such a bad blogger. I won't bore you with the laundry list of excuses. I will say we have been very busy and not busy at the same time. I am sure you all have experienced that as well.

Our friend Courtney, from Boulder Colorado, (originally from IL) came for a 2 week visit at the end of April. It was so good seeing her and visiting. I will admit, at first I was a little worried about having a house guest for 2 weeks, even if it is one of our best friends. But I was very happy to put my worries to rest very early on. We were able to hang out and do a bunch of stuff together; and when she needed her down time we needed ours as well. Courtney and I went on an 11 mile hike on the Cumberland Trail. Our destination was Imodium Falls. Not quite sure why they call it Imodium, but I am gonna guess it has something to do with Native American stuff and NOT diarrhea and the symptoms of least that is the hope ;-)

Above: thank goodness for long arms...C's not mine ;-) duh.

Above: The falls -- Cool swimming hole, right?

Above: Flower we saw on our hike, I think it is Jack in the Pulpit?

We also went to a pancake breakfast for 3 Chattanooga Firemen and their families. They were raising money to off-set the costs of some catastrophic illnesses they had been dealing with. Courtney got hit on 2x by some sexy firemen while trying to get some more of their yummy pancakes ;-)

Above: our first serving of pancakes...

We also went to the Hunter Art Museum, rode our bikes around the reservoir on Raccoon Mountain, went shopping, and partied it up with Carrie, Wes, Laura, and Mary Alice at Food Works. That was a day and half ;-) We started at Food Works for $1 mimosas and brunch. I had my first experience with chicken and waffles. OMG! I think that is the breakfast of champions. After we exhausted Food Works of their OJ and Champagne, we made our way to the Chattanooga Market. The Market is an outdoor festival held every Sunday at the Tennessee pavilion. It started April 25th (the day we went) and goes until September 30th. They have crafts, fresh produce, live music, and "refreshments." We of course partook in the refreshments component. Yeah, good times. Then we meandered back to Carrie and Laura's apartment and proceeded to eat, drink, and play Apples to Apples. BTW, Apples to Apples is the best game ever! I love hanging out with good friends and having a good time. But then again...who doesn't, right? ;-) All in all, I really loved having Courtney stay with us. We have always been close, but her visit in April really gave us an opportunity to "hang" with each other. I miss her already.

Above: Cool mirror piece @ museum

Above: one of my favorite paintings (I have no clue who the artist is...I think local Chattanoogaian)

Above: first round of mimosas @ Food Works!

Above: Wes and his new "tool" (left hand)

After Courtney left, it was back to business as usual. Work has been ok for me. GAIA Fitness is really starting to resemble a true company rather than merely a hobby. We have a decent number of clients and have been able to make some really good connections. We have business licenses, state/county/federal permits, tax IDs, resale IDs, bank accounts, etc. Andy has been hard at work trying to get all "bonafide." I am going to take some time this weekend and work my organizational magic and create spreadsheets, calendars, and update email accounts. Once we get all that stuff organized and ready, then we can concentrate on the most important component of our business...getting people healthy! Speaking of which, I am so excited to be working with the group we have so far. I am even more excited to see their happiness with their achievements and goals. I think it is really much more satisfying to see others reach their goals.

Well, ta ta for now. Not so much on the "writing with a purpose" front, but with over a month since my last post I thought a recap was in order.


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