Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is that a plum or a baby?

With 1 week of our pregnancy being out in the open, things have gone pretty well. I have noticed people have started looking at my belly before they look at my boobs (oh wait! I mean eyes--yea before they were looking at my eyes) that is a plus-I guess ;-)

I had my 3rd appointment today. Week 13! Whoo Hoo! Elaine and Al were visiting Chattanooga this week and on their last day before heading back to IL, I had my doc appointment. I asked Elaine if she would like to hear the baby's heart beat and she said yes. So that was the first thing we did at the doc's office today. It was just as cool as hearing it the first time. Baby Sweet's heart beat is sitting at a solid 148. It was reassuring to hear it again. The days leading up to my appointment I have been feeling really good. I have not had any gassiness or bloating and have been able to work out; so I was beginning to think something might be wrong. I mentioned this to doc and she reassured me that is a normal tendency and in a short period of time I will be able to feel the little one moving around. Whew. Good to be normally OCD ;-)

I have gained a couple pounds, so my cute jeans and shirts are no longer comfortable. I can get into them but after about 30 seconds, I want to rip them off and walk around in my sleeping pants and a race t-shirt. Hmmm sleeping pants and t-shirts at work. Could happen, but not in this lifetime. So I got the best present EVER!!!! Cara sent down ALL of her maternity clothes and I think I am going to be set. She has such great taste and all the stuff I pulled out was super cute. I will admit, I had a little trouble seeing myself getting to the point where I would be able to fill some of it out. I think that sentence will be really funny when I go back and read that in 6 months. Maternity clothes are all sized to your pre-pregnancy size. So since Cara and I are small--all of our preggers stuff is small too. I think the only stuff I might need are some bras and skirts. Other than that, I have a whole new wardrobe. =) I am looking forward to adding to our preggers collection. It will be exciting to pass the big girl clothes back to Cara when she needs it again.

I was reading another pregnant woman's blog the other day, and I was shocked when I read some of the questions people asked her...until I was asked a few. So to help y'all out and not slap you in the face (which I totally will--I have the patience of a 2 year old right now haha). Here is a list of things you might want to steer clear of when talking to a pregnant woman...

1. Rub or feel her belly. Would you go up to a perfect stranger who wasn't pregnant and touch their belly? No, you wouldn't. So why do people feel like a pregnant woman's belly is public property? As far as I was concerned the only person that had right to touch my belly without my permission was my husband.

2. "Wow, you're getting big." You think? I didn't notice I couldn't see my feet anymore. Thanks for pointing that out to me. How about saying something nice like, "Wow, you look great!"

3. "You look ready to pop, I can't believe you still have (insert time frame here) to go." Thank you. So what you're saying is I'm fatter then what I should be? You're probably doing nothing but making her feel even more insecure then she already is, especially if she still has a few months to go.

4. "You haven't had that baby yet?" Nothing makes a pregnant woman want to strangle you more then this if she's already overdue. And if she isn't near her due date, once again you're just telling her she's fat.

5. "Are you sure you're not having twins?" Of course I'm sure! How would I not know if I was having twins?

6. Telling labor horror stories. The last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear is how you struggled for countless hours to have your last baby. She already has a lot going on in her mind and she doesn't need you exasperating the situation.

7. "Should you really be eating/drinking that?" What are you, the public nutrition police? What she eats and drinks is her business, not yours.

8. "Was it planned?" Talk about invading someone's personal life. Sheesh.

9. "Are you going to have any more babies?" Another no no. She's currently expecting one baby and you think she's thinking about her next one? She's probably suffering from back pain, swollen ankles, sleepless nights, and has a baby constantly wedging a foot between her ribs. Having another baby is probably the last thing in the world she's even considered right now.

10. "Are you going to breastfeed?" Yikes, where is the awkward police? Like most of these on the list, if she brings it up-ok, that is different.

11. "Did you take fertility drugs?" Really none of your business...unless you are taking fertility drugs.

12. "How much weight have you gained?" This one is personally my favorite. You wouldn't ask her this if she wasn't pregnant, so don't ask her because she is. That information is between her and her doctor.

I thought this list was funny and truthful at the same time. Just watching out for my readers...don't want any of you getting shut down or embarrassed. =) Much love and hugs all around. Off to do some yoga and make dinner.


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Shelley Moore said...

LOL - You are so right about that list! Hated those things when I was pregnant! Congratulations by the way!