Monday, March 23, 2009

MMMMM Humble Pie...

After my 70 mile ride up a mountain last week I was feeling pretty good about climbing and riding in the southeast.

Well...I got served up a large piece of humble pie this weekend. Andy is so awesome he found me a chick to ride with down here before I even arrived in the dirty south. I met her at the Trek open house and switched phone numbers/e-mails. We decided to go out an a relatively moderate ride. It is called the Red Bank Loop. Roughly about 35 miles with out the mountain portion.

Meghan is really nice and relatively new to triathlon. She is on a road bike for now but wants to buy a Kuota from Andy's shop. So driving to our meeting point, I thought..."Wicked. New tri girl. After my ride this past Wednesday, I should be able to hang on if not pull her for some of this ride."

We headed out from the shop and into the wind. Yup. That is right. WIND. The mountains do not block the wind. What actually happens is you get a head wind ALL THE TIME! The mountains turn the wind into continual head wind. We had a head wind on the way out and on the way in. Oh well. So much for eluding my ultra nemesis.

To sum up the ride...I a) tried to stick to her wheel as best I could b) tried to climb as best I could and c) not give up. Well one out of three aren't too bad. ;-)

Meghan dropped me like a bad habit. She was really nice and waited for me when I got too far behind and said how much fun she had riding with me. I really appreciated her company and encouragement. Now I know the Red Bank Loop and could probably do it on my own next time.

I hope that over the next couple of weeks, I get faster and smarter on these hills. Well gotta go run off some of this humble pie before work tonight.

later taters, Heather

PS-Andy posted the pictures and map on the previous blog...go check it out.

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