Saturday, March 28, 2009

Climbing in a gym...

It has been very very very rainy down here this week. We are in a flood warning until Sunday at 4 pm! Yikes. Consequently, there has been a lot of yoga and indoor training, if anything at all this week.

On Friday night the owners of the new climbing gym in town came into Hennen's. I got to wait on them. :) The name of their gym is Urban Rocks Gym.

The owners are really nice and gave me a free day pass to go climb. So on this rainy Saturday afternoon Kevin and I headed to the yoga. Andy had to work, and his finger is still too sore to climb on. :(

The gym was really cool. Lots of boulder problems, good routes, and a lot of space to hang out. The staff was really nice too. Kevin and I wanted to climb on lead rope, so we had to get belay checked on lead. I was more nervous about climbing lead than belaying on lead. Kevin was first to climb and I belayed. I passed. Whew. I went next and got pumped on an easy 10 at the third clip! Ugh. I am so soft. Gotta climb more. Kevin passed. We scoped stuff out and found a 5.8 for me and a 5.10 for Kevin to warm up on. I did it, but was super uber pumped.

After Kevin's climb, we went onto bouldering. I did a handful of V0 and V1, I tried 2 -- V3 and got spit off before I even needed a spotter. Gotta climb more. Kevin did well. We were both pretty pumped at the end of the day. I showered at the Trek store (yup they got a shower), and headed into work.

Not that I enjoy gym climbing over outdoor climbing, but when you don't have "real" rock as an option...a good gym will put a smile on your face. :)))))))))

Thanks Urban Rocks for making my Saturday afternoon more than sitting on the couch.


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