Saturday, November 13, 2010

8 months

Today started off well and then hit a bump in the road, but it is a beautiful day in Chattanooga and I can't stay in a funk and not enjoy my friends and family.

I had a prenatal massage scheduled today, but the massage therapist called in sick. Boo. Then the spa couldn't get me rescheduled for 2 more weeks! UGH. I totally understand the fact the massage therapist was sick, but the salon should have a) more than 1 massage therapist on staff and b) try to fix the situation better than just trying to offer me an appointment in 2 weeks. When I did massage, if I had to cancel on a client I would offer to come in at any other time that would work for the client. I would also offer additional services to try and make up for it. I would do anything to keep them as a client, hey they were paying my bills! But not in this case. I was planning on using this spa for future services, but they have done pissed me off. OK. I am finished and ready to move onto the rest of this beautiful day.

Speaking of beautiful things. I had my 32 week (8 months) prenatal appointment yesterday. Baby girl is SO big compared to what she was only a few short months ago.
  • My tummy is measuring 32 cm. Since I am 32 weeks, that is just perfect (or so my midwife says ;-)).
  • My blood pressure was 108/60
  • Baby's heart rate was 144 bpm
  • I have gained 24 lbs so far. My midwife said I should gain 1/2 a lb. a week till the end so 4-5 more lbs. seems to be right on from where I started. It is startling to see 'that' number on the scale, but hearing I am on target and not gaining too much is comforting.
I think the baby's heart rate is a little high compared to what it has been in the past. Maybe b/c she is getting bigger her heart rate gets higher? Not sure, I didn't see Meg (my usual midwife) because she had another appointment. I also wanted to meet the other mid wives just in case Meg wouldn't be able to deliver baby girl. So, I will catch up with Meg at my next appointment too see where baby girl is and if the reading on Friday was just a fluke.

From what I have been reading baby girl is weighing in at a whopping 4 lbs. right now! Katie, the midwife I saw on Friday, said baby girl is head down and her hiney is facing out. So she is in the perfect labor position. If she stays there, we should be ready to go. =)

Here are my 32 week pics...(yes I am @ The HUB)


Laura Wheatley said...

We LOVE the BELLY! 2 more glorious months?? :)

M7 said...

That's a great belly. Gotta love a good pregnant woman (I mean that in only the most inappropriate way possible... What?!?).

Nice post. Keep 'em coming.