Tuesday, November 30, 2010

35 week apointment

Had my 35 week doctor's appointment yesterday and all is going well.
  • My blood pressure was 102/68
  • Baby heart rate was 144
  • Tummy measurement was 36 cm
  • My weight...well let's just say I am "right on track." ;-)
Meg said the baby is still head down and she is filling up the belly space nicely. She said the itching is normal and the "big" movements are normal as well. More movements are always good. I know this is bizarre but, I was worried her movements were a sign of distress or "unhappiness." Meg said there is not a conclusive way to determine why a fetus moves one way vs. another and not to worry. Whew.

Also, since the baby's heart rate is the same as it was 2 weeks ago, I am guessing it is normal. Meg didn't seem alarmed or anything - so I am not either.

Next time I go into see Meg (12/10/10) I am having my Strep B test (ugh), but she will also be able to tell me if my cervix has effaced (softened/thinned) or if I am dilated. She will also be able to tell me exactly how baby girl is positioned. (yeah).

We organized the great room on Sunday, so we could put up the Christmas tree and the nativity. Of course in true Heather fashion, I strung the lights BEFORE checking to see if they all worked and the string in the middle will not light up! grrr. So minor FAIL on the Christmas tree decorating. No fear the love/hate relationship I have with Wal*Mart continues and I have gotten 400 white lights for $10! So tonight I will attempt to finish the tree.

Andy has finished closing in the fireplace with insulation and walls. The tile is finished as well. He is SO talented when it comes to tile. I have no patience for it at all. I can grout, but actually laying out the tile and adhering it to the mortar...not my cup of tea. He is in the process of finding the right stove pipe kit that will go with our new wood burning fireplace/stove. We have ordered it and paid for the stove, just waiting on it getting shipped to the store so we can pick it up. I am so super stoked to get it going and having a toasty kitchen/dining room.

The weather down here is dismal to say the least. On Thanksgiving day it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I think it was 65* and sunny? But then the rain and cold everyone else experienced set into the South as well. The added "bonus" we have to living in the south is rain. It has been raining and raining and raining. Funny thing, peeps in TN do not want to do anything when it is raining...least of all drive correctly. Well, I am sure you have listened to me ramble on about how horrible the TN drivers are, but when it rains they are even worse! Hard to imagine, but true.

Well, ta ta for now.


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