Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Prep: A work in progress

I had another doctor's appointment today. I am officially 26 weeks. Two more weeks and I start my third trimester. Come to find out, I "turn" every Friday. I guess since all my other appointments have been on Wednesdays that is why I was so confused the nurses kept saying I was a week behind where I thought I was.

Things are still looking good. I have had a couple of stressful weeks and lost a little weight and was not sleeping well, but things are back on track. I gained back the couple pounds I lost and am feeling really good right now. I think I have hit that "nesting" stage. I would much rather hang out at home than do anything social right now. Totally unlike me. I usually am the one to talk Andy into going out to dinner and making weekend plans.

I think the beautiful weather hasn't helped my nesting either. The mountain is so pretty this time of year. The mornings are cool and crisp and the days are sunny and warm, but not too warm. The evenings are perfect for sitting on the deck and watching the stars. Ahhhh TN. =)

We had the opportunity to take a tour of the birthing center. That was cool. We are planning on delivering at Parkridge East Hospital on the southeast side of Chattanooga. We have heard it is one of the most supportive centers of natural childbirth in the area. The private labor rooms are huge and look more like a hotel room than a hospital room. The lights can be dimmed to take that "hospital" edge off and all the cabinets are wood, not metal. Very homey. The recovery rooms are all private and have a private bathroom as well. We could have had the option to use a birthing tub if we wanted to drive to Cleveland, TN but for our first baby, staying closer to home was more ideal than a tub.

We are also planning on taking an infant/child CPR class and a breastfeeding class. Andy and I are already CPR certified, but a $15 refresher is a good idea. I am sure even with all the classes nursing isn't going to "click" until there is a baby here, but I think it could help with some prelim stuff too.

After the tour and the baby showers, I was wondering what in the world do you bring with you to the hospital for delivery and what DO you put in that diaper bag? Hmmm. So of course, I did some research ;-) I have made 2 lists. Duh...that IS what I do, right? With that in order, I am feeling less worried about "how to deal" when the moment comes. Small things sometimes make the big things seem less monumental. Ah the beauty of organization.

I also found out I can wear whatever I want for delivery! Whoo Hoo. I don't have to wear one of those icky hospital gowns. Yeah! Seriously, they are U-G-L-Y. They make you feel sick and since I am not sick, I wanted be comfortable. I found this:

It is called a Pretty Pusher. It is super low in the back so if you were to have an epidural, they can administer it. Also there are ties in the front so they have "easy access" to the nether regions. I have been able to find it pretty cheap. It is disposable, so no worries about a "messy" labor yuckin' up my nightgown. I may even get 2, one for delivery and one for post. I hate having anything around my neck and on my shoulders when I am working out, so I thought this would be a good way to be comfy and cute at the same time. Not sure if I can be "cute" while pushing out a baby...but it is worth a shot, right? ;-)

I also found out the birthing center has WiFi. I am so stoked about that. Andy poked fun at me when I asked, but I caught the glimpse of at least 2 Dads in the tour that were happy to hear they could get on-line too. HA! Mostly it is because I have a minimal collection of music on our iPod, and we use Pandora ALL the stinking time. I gotta have my tunes.

I have gotten over the "OMG there is a person in my belly!" I have also gotten very used to her moving around all the time. My midwife said this morning, I should be feeling her move at least 10 times a day in the next couple weeks...too late, she is already moving that much. Folks, we may have another swimmer in the family! ;-)

Some stats from the doc apt. today:
  • Baby heart beat is 140 beats per minute
  • My blood pressure was 108/64 (I have a pretty low resting HR). The highest my blood pressure ever was 114/64 @ week 9. I was really excited to see the first sonogram ;-) hehe
  • My tummy measurement from pubic bone to just under my boobs was 26.5 cm. An increase of 5.5 cm from week 22
I have been doing tummy pics every 4 weeks, but I think I look a little bigger since the last one so here you are (btw Sebastian follows me around EVERYWHERE these days):

*Yes, that is NOT an illusion the "girls" are becoming working gals...UGH. And you can sorta kinda see the pink belly, just a little bit.

Later taters, Heather


Casey Knox said...

You look fantastic! Congrats on almost crossing the finish line of pregnancy! You're gonna be so glad that you did this blog. And if it is still around, it will be really cool to show your little one... Hope all is well in your world. By the looks of it, it is :)

Laura Wheatley said...

You are glowing!!! I love reading about pregnancy journey!! Ps about the natural birth... I told Dan That's what you and Andy are planning on doing, he said: "wow- if that's not worth bragging rights, I don't know what is!". :). I know that's not why you are planning on it, but it is pretty cool!!