Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby showers and 24 week pic!

Well it is official. I am 6 months along! Whoa. Really freaking hard to believe there is going to be another person living in our house in roughly 3 1/2 months. Cool, but still hard to believe. Here are my 24 week pics...

I know it doesn't LOOK like I am getting bigger, but it sure feels like it. I will take a pic tonight...I usually look quite a bit more "robust" after dinner ;-)

I am sure every pregnant woman and partner of a pregnant woman goes through the "Holy S%*t. We are going to have a baby!" phase. Probably multiple times ;-) Like I mentioned in an earlier post, wanting to get pregnant and wanting to have a baby -- I knew the outcome...a baby. Duh. I know, but the REALITY of having a baby is starting to settle.

I think it is hitting me harder now that I can SEE her move. It was so neat feeling her before. It was sorta like my little wonder secret. Just her and I connected by her telling me she is alive and "kicking." But now that she is getting bigger and and I can see her moving around. It is freaking me out a little bit. Ok maybe more than just a little bit...

Seriously. There is a PERSON inside my body! She is right there! I can't see her or touch her, but she is INSIDE my body. BTW, did I mention she is inside my body? Yea. Freaky. Every time she moves it totally wigs me out. Her movements are bigger and very noticeable. I have been told they are only going to get more pronounced. Hopefully, by that time I will have adjusted to the idea there is a person LIVING inside my body. maybe.

Ok, now that that is over. Whew. See? It comes and goes. Thank goodness. I am so elated to be a Mommy. I am stoked beyond comprehension to hold her and see her and smell her and take care of her. Some minor preggers freak outs along the way are healthy, I think.

What has really helped are the 2 wonderful baby showers we just had. We feel SO blessed and thankful for our friends and family. I am really overwhelmed with their generosity. *blush*

Now that we have "stuff," it is getting easier to conceptualize how we are going to take care of her. We have most of the big stuff already:
  • Crib (thanks to Grandma Elaine and Grandpa Al - haven't bought yet, but set the $ aside)
  • Crib mattress (thanks to Auntie Kiki)
  • Car seat and high chair (thanks to Grandma Karen and Aunts Heidi and Amanda)
  • Stroller-jogging and regular (thanks to Deni and Lloyd and gift certificates to Babies 'R' Us)
  • Diapers (thanks to Tim and Anna)
  • Play Pen (thanks to Great Uncle Greg and Great Aunt Kathy)
  • Clothes (thanks to everyone!)
Here are some pictures of my favorites:

I LOVE this one ;-) (from Grandma Karen)

Diaper Bag #1 (from Candace)

Diaper Bag #2 (from Great Aunt Allison & Great Uncle Carlo)

The CUTEST boots from Aunt Kiki (Candace ;-))

How cute is this poncho???? (from Great Aunt Cat)

Every gal needs a little black dress, right?

Very cool piggy bank from Great Aunt Teresa and her girls

Guardian Angel night light from Great Grandma Ester

BTW, I am sure the "Great" Aunt/Uncle thing wigged some of you out ;-) It was strange typing it too...hehehe

Much love, Heather

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