Thursday, February 4, 2010

Idiocracy -- WTF?

At work we have launched our new web-site. So many cool things are there, in addition to us merely advertising our company, we are showcasing Twitter, blogs, job postings...just to name a few. Everyone in the company is supposed to write a blog entry for the company. (Don't you worry; I put one up for the chopping block) Some have been advertising related, some not. The guidelines we were given was it can be as personal as you want/or as comfortable with; and for it to somehow relate to advertising in one way or another. Slightly vague, I agree. Some interesting topics have been discussed. Everything from punk rock to Tennessee football to advertising using e-mail blasts. There was one entry that surprised me a little. Not the content of the blog, but a very simple phrase or rather an acronym, was printed that got me to thinking. WTF. Yup, you read right. WTF. I was really surprised that a corporate blog would allow someone to express themselves by writing WTF.

Andy and I got to talking and what we used to think of as taboo has become the norm. You hear of things like Barbara Eden not being able to show her belly button on national TV in "I Dream of Jeannie," but that was so archaic, right?

During the 80s and 90s things really did start "pushing the envelope." Things started losing their punch. And then with the addition of reality TV...well it is life, right? Rhetorical question. Consequently, things have started getting more "edgy." The desensitization of our society is extremely prolific, to say the least.

I am all for using hip jargon to express ourselves. My favorite word to use is bijigity. Personally, I am not even sure it is a word. I can't even find it in Urban Dictionary! But when I find something or someone that is being bijigity I say it. Also, I love saying, "wicked" if something is really bad a$! cool. But using WTF in a corporate blog? I think there is a time and place for everything. We need to be selective where and how we express our casual selves. If not, then we could evolve into this...

Granted, not the best movie in the world. By no means will Luke Wilson ever win an Oscar for his work in "Idiocracy", but it really got me thinking...are we destined to be a society of idiots if we continue to use text language and slang as our only way of expressing ourselves?

Please everyone, I beg you...listen to NPR at least 1 day a week. If not for me--for the children!

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Andrew said...

Hope all is well in Chat, the theory of idiocracy is completely true.

Just wondering if ya'all were going to come up and visit on the weekend of 3/13 and 3/14 when us "northerners" are in Robbinsville? Shoot me an email!