Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Dreaming: Your Tool for Survival

After a week, what I have come up with is not profound or spellbound, but could be interesting to read. In my previous post, I mentioned I wanted to have purpose to this blog of mine, well I think that is what I will do. Instead of writing to fill space or inform people of what is happening on top of our little mountain; I will additionally write with purpose.

My first thoughts of how to add to the sustenance of our blog was to write about what makes me happy. Simple but sometimes very hard. I will speak for myself, and not the "masses" but sometimes I have a hard time staying motivated, happy, chin-up, and all that jazz. When I find myself in those dark moments, I try to think of what makes me happy and focus on that. Simple, but it works. I put all the crap that is weighing me down to the side, it will be there later--no need to keep dwelling on that stuff, right? Once I am able to mentally visualize the good things in my life, I am in a better place to tackle the bulls*&%t that I wish would go away.

I like to start out with simple things for instance (this list is primarly going to be more for me than for you-so be patient)
  1. Washing my hair
  2. Nutregena bath oil
  3. Good friends
  4. Sunny days
  5. 1st cup of hot tea in the morning
  6. Good butt jeans
  7. Betsy Johnson perfume
  8. Dansco shoes
  9. Chaco sandals
  10. Living in TN
  11. New hair highlights
  12. Funky scarves
  13. Stove top popcorn
  14. Glass of nice wine
  15. Lip balm
After I think of those things (there are more, but you get the picture) I start thinking of how blessed I am to have Andy, a job, a home, family...the thing that seemed so monumental and cataclysmic pales in comparison.

It is a true wonder the lives we lead. We go day to day driving from home to work to the gym back to home then cramming some food in us in the meantime. Sometimes we have meetings after work and can't workout, then in the morning we do it all over again. Why? Why do we let our schedules dictate our lives? True, if we weren't slaves to the routine, we wouldn't have the ability to enjoy the small pleasures in our lives. But in the meantime isn't it worth it to make our daily lives worth more?

In the summer it is so much easier to take the time to appreciate our lives. Primarily because we actually get to live them. In the winter the days are shorter. There are more gloomy days. The elements don't allow us to enjoy the world we live in. We do WAY too much driving in the winter. I think road rage contributes to the winter blas more than we know. So I usually go through my list while driving. I disconnect. I turn off the radio and force myself to LOOK around me. It is my small way of perseving my dreaming. Simple but necessary.

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