Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air

To add to the multitude of "gone is 2009 and the birth of 2010" blog entries out there...

I am not going to reiterate all that has happened in 2009, if you want that; you can go and read the multitude of previous posts in our blog. One might ask then, "What are you going to do Heather?" Well, my friends, I am planning to introduce a new concept to our blog. So far, I have written about our lives and the details of our days between posts. Nice, but not the only way I want to connect with the people who read The Sweetest Adventures. I am sure literary critics are not scrolling through my posts. (I certainly hope not, my grammar is horrific.) I want to entertain those of you who are here.

I watched a movie the other night, Julia and Julie. The preface of the movie is a downtrodden 30-something gal is looking for inspiration. She finds her comfort and happiness in food. Don't we all, right? She challenges herself to cook all of Julia Child's recipes (over 500) in 365 days--and she blogs about it. Don't worry all. Andy is safe. I am not going to try and cook him French food for the next 365 days. I think either he would divorce me from all the butter consumption or I would become the world's worst French cook. I think, better to leave cooking to people that know what they are doing. I can bake a mean pie, but I think pies and cakes are as far as I want to go right now.

I want to challenge myself with this blog. I want to write with a goal -- a purpose. I am not sure how or with what--but something. So no more weather updates and rambling about woulda coulda shoulda stuff. I foresee more substance about life, love, and the things that really mean the most to us. For Andy and I, we are so happy we went through all that we did in 2009. We learned so much and are so much stronger because of it, and not in-spite of it. I hope the same is true for all of you. So cheers to 2010! I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous New Year and all your wishes and dreams come true.

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Candace said...

Dude! you should write a punk ass song per day!!!