Saturday, November 21, 2009

Recap of the week...

This week has been going pretty well. Work, like I said in the last post, is going really well. We have re-branded and changed our name to AREA203. It is really exciting to be working for such an up and coming advertising agency. We had our launch party last night. Very cool. I got my business cards and all kinds of other cool "official" AREA203 schwag. I am feeling more and more part of something bigger and better. We are now opening our doors to new clients and vendors. This is such an exciting time for AREA203. I know I included our web-site in the last blog, but it has changed a little bit since our official launch. Check it out. (BTW, I am trying to resist the urge to create a Twitter and a Linkedin account...thoughts?)

Running this week has been going pretty well. I had to skip one workout because I wore heels to work one day and I was on my feet for most of the day. Ugh. Misogynistic sexy shoes...why do I wear you???? Not to worry, my workout the next day was awesome. I have a 2 hour run tomorrow. Last Sunday I did a 90 minute run at just faster than race pace and got in 10 miles! There was a hellacious climb in the middle. If it was flat, I think I could have gotten in at least 10.5 maybe 11 miles. Seriously, this hill was huge! For those of you from Chattanooga, I ran the Moccasin Bend loop (with the climb). It is not a very difficult biking loop, but for running, I think it is the longest steepest grade I have EVER run. So for tomorrow, I think I am going to leave out the climb and run the loop for 2 hours and see how many miles I can get in. Jacqueline is going to run with me. She had an awesome race this morning...(spoiler alert) She text me this morning ( is not texted, it is text); and in the Jingle Bell 5k here in Chattanooga she was 8th overall, 1st female overall, and had a time of 21:08!!!! I have never won anything overall. I have placed in my age group, but to be the first female in an entire race is so cool! Consequently, tomorrow could be very interesting. Hopefully, Jacqueline will be really tired from her stellar race today ;-) just kidding. I really love running with her. It is so awesome when you find a great running partner. They push you, you hopefully push them, you have great conversation, they understand when you can't talk it is because you are about to die -- and they know it is not because you don't want to be social. I really do love the simplicity of running. I didn't think I would like running with my new Garmin GPS watch, but I really do. It is sorta like when I started biking with my Saris power tap. I get to actually see my improvements in numbers afterward/during. Before, running for me was based all on "perceived exertion." Now running has definition and purpose. I still am a little nervous about running 26.2 miles, but I think after tomorrow, I will be one step closer to feeling more confident.

We bought our 20 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving last night. Whoo Hoo! The other night Deni and I sat down and planned out our menu. It is pretty similar to most traditional Thanksgiving dinners, I guess. Turkey, ham, green bean casserole, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes, rolls, pies, and corn bread stuffing. I think the corn bread stuffing might be the only "southern" dish we have. Deni and Lloyd are bringing over some wine and sweet tea. I have made sweet tea at Hennen's, but I have not made it at home. I am going to trust the real southerners with the tea. As far as seating for our almost 20 guests, Andy and I have yet to get the 2 benches from his Uncle that match our dining room table. No worries. Today we are going to our church to borrow chairs. Gotta love small town churches. :)

We are going to have dinner at about 6pm. After dinner, I think we are going to either play games or start a bonfire or both :)

The weather down here has been beautiful. I think that has been what has kept me in such great spirits the past couple of weeks. When we wake up it is a little chilly. Starts out at 35* and misty. By the time I go out for my run over lunch it is usually 70* and sunny. Ahhhh the south. :) Although, Andy and I were thinking the other day...the weather down here was not this nice last year. Andy moved down to Chattanooga on November 8th and went out on his first bike ride with his new team (Motor Mile) on November 15th. Andy remembered there was snow on top of Lookout Mountain on his first ride in Chattanooga! So I am pretty sure we are having a very mild fall compared to previous years. I am NOT complaining. I hope the trend stays. I heard a rumor the Midwest and Northeast are supposed to have one of the most bitter winters in history. The Southeast is supposedly going to be sparred. Hopefully, the rumor about the Southeast having a mild winter is true ;-)

Well I am off to clean the house for Thanksgiving this week. I hope all is well for y'all. Much love and catch you on the flip side. Heather

Weather 12:37 pm (EST)
Chattanooga, TN - 60* Sunny - Wind: ESE 1 mph - humidity 53%
Bloomington, IL - 50* Partly cloudy - Wind: SE 8 mph - humidity 77%
Aurora, IL - 51* Sunny - Wind: SE 6 mph - humidity 62%

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