Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I got River-faced at Shit-bend...

So the party was good. I made a ton of food and the bonfire was AWESOME. Only bummer was the last night of Riverbend was Saturday night too. Some peeps didn't make it out :( FYI--Riverbend is a music festival where ALL the rednecks from the mountains come down for a "good ol'time." They make a pig-stye of our town and clog up the streets with their giant stupid trucks and drive wickedly drunk everywhere. *Suggestion: do not come to visit Chattanooga during the second week of June. The horror. The horror.

Even with the attraction of Riverbend, there were a lot of people that came out to party with us. The one that wins the prize for farthest traveled is my father-in-law Larry! He drove all the way down from Kappa, IL to hang with us. He also helped us with some major "honey do" projects we had on the list. Larry power washed the deck, fixed our air conditioner, cut down a tree (with Loyd's help), and put together Andy's new wheelbarrow...I think Larry will need a vacation after his "vacation" with us.

We still don't have internet! Ugh. If I have to talk to another customer service representative I am gonna go out and buy me a big a$# gun! After over 1.5 hours with these "experts" I came to the same result. They don't have the equipment to install satellite dish internet. I wonder... let's play a little game... if someone were to come into the restaurant I work at and give me $100 would they wait over 3 weeks for their food? Hell no! They would bitch and moan in less than 30 minutes. Why the F should I be expected to patiently wait for a service I have ALREADY paid for????? Double Ugh. Living in the sticks, you are at the mercy of many many others.

I have thought about doing this for sometime, but I think I am actually going to implement this into each blog I post. In the old days, you know when people actually used to write letters to each other? With a pen and paper? Use a stamp? No? Ok, modern day correspondence is the blog/e-mail/text. Back to my point, sorry. It is weather. We are dialed into all day, but we don't take the opportunity to tell each other what is happening in each other's "neck of the woods." So here goes...

Chattanooga, TN at 5:45 pm it is 92* feels like 96* wind from the WSW at 13 mph with 46% humidity.

Bloomington, IL at 4:45 pm it is 85* feels like 87* wind from the WNW at 7 mph with 51% humidity.

Aurora, IL at 4:45 pm it is 78* feels like 78* wind from the NW at 6 mph with 63% humidity.

Looks like Chattanooga wins for the most "hot" but Aurora is the most humid...strange.

Much love y'all,

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