Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Closed on the house!

We closed on the house today. After some drama this weekend with the garage and our "awesome" neighbor, it is finally DONE! What a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Here are some pictures our friend Mike Hannah took of me being very very happy...

Of course they are in reverse order. Grr. The first one is a crazy jumping pic (really nice day--notice no jacket and no shoes in February), second one is landing, third one is mid-jump, the fourth one is getting ready to jump, and the final one is "normal." So happy to be finished with this ordeal and moving to Tennessee.

Yesterday I signed over my power of attorney to my lawyer so he could close on 1116 while I was in North Carolina for work the rest of the week. By 11 am Andy and I had a fatty check deposited into our checking account ready to put down on a new house in Chattanooga. (BTW...we haven't found a new house yet, so don't start asking about that).

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