Monday, August 24, 2015

Tour de Cure - Chattanooga: I'm gonna die!

Well. Well. Well.

I have thought of this a few times over the past couple months, but then quickly became ashamed that I have not FINISHED 1 thing on my "complete before I'm 40" list. So I avoided writing all together.

I thought well, maybe if I can try to squeak out 1 thing it might not look as much like a failure as I thought. That is the problem with putting things "out" there.

Although, I will accomplish 1 thing. I am $700 on the way to reaching my $1000 goal of raising money for a charity. On October 10th I am going to ride 100 miles for Tour de Cure - Chattanooga.

So I have gotten a bike, a formidable feat since I sold everything I had when we closed the bike shop we owned. And I have ridden a total of 22 miles! I am well on my way to training for 100 miles with a mountain climb.

OMG what have I gotten myself into????

I'm gonna die. Yup. Totally fall over on the mountain climb and pass the heck out. It is only 2200 feet of climbing...what am I crying about? EVERYTHING. I haven't ridden a bike more than 25 miles in 4 years!

Well. I am doing it. I raised the money. I have a bike. It is going to be an epic day - but I am going to get through this thing. 

...and for future reference, I am going to shut my big mouth and only attempt to write checks that my body and schedule can cash.

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