Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day #3 - Opening My Eyes

I took a nap. It was great. I fell asleep with my son in my arms. When we woke up we looked at each other straight in the others' eyes and smiled. It was then, I realized that moment would be frozen in time. *click*

Becoming a Mom has been a gradual process. Sure, biologically I was a mother right away, but becoming someone's MOM is not a simple biological occurrence. It evolves.

I would say, until my kiddo was about 2 years old, I was a care giver. Essentially, keeping them alive. After that, when they have a voice and start having opinions, then the parenting starts. Or at least picking your battles, bartering, psychology, and trying to figure out how to get protein in a diet consisting of primarily pasta and pretzels are my goals.

This upcoming Sunday will be my 3rd Mother's Day. My first was a reward for being the best caregiver I could be and successfully crawling out from under the newborn cloud with my senses intact. My second was realizing my baby was gone and a toddler was taking her place. This year I have a potty trained Daddy's girl who tells me on a regular basis about flying dragons, being on TOP OF THE WORLD, she has crusty oatmeal up her nose (AKA crusty boogers) that she HAS to get out, and she dreams of drinking her milk---every night. I also have this wee little baby boy who is only 6 months old, but he feels like has been in my life forever.*sigh*

On the other hand, I thought I wasn't the type to have kids. Now that I am deep in the throws of being a wife and mother, I am shocked I have 2 kids and a husband sometimes. It feels too grown up to be responsible for another person, let alone 2...and sometimes 3! Seriously, at a party I am more comfortable sitting on the floor with no shoes discussing the difference between Mamba and Starburst than the typical "adult" conversations.

But honestly, I think my life would really suck without them. Sure, we might have more money, sleep,and time. Oh, I probably would be thinner and stronger. I might even be able to take a nap...oh wait, I did that. With my baby boy. And it was the BEST nap ever. Yup. My life is better because of them. Fuller, richer, warmer, and purposeful. 

Having a human being that I made (with my husband's help), look me directly in the eye and connect on a level I have never connected with another person before is freaking AMAZING.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!

Especially, the single Moms...I don't know how you do it. Double and triple pats on the back to you ladies.

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