Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend fun @ the Sweets...

Weekends are always bitter sweet. I can't wait to spend time with Aven and Andy, but yet I have a week worth of laundry, cleaning, and bill paying to catch up on. Usually, I can hammer most of this stuff out when Aven is napping or after she goes down for the night at 8:30pm. But yesterday and today have been problematic being that she doesn't want to take a nap!

She falls asleep while I am nursing her, which I try to keep her up so when I do put her down she will settle herself down, but that has not been working. She passes out. I also think she falls asleep before she is full, so when she wakes up she is super hungry...and the cycle starts over.

Plus when she falls asleep while nursing she only stays asleep for about 10 min before she startles herself and is like, "Wait a darn minute! When I fell asleep I was being held by mommy and now I am alone laying in this crib! I don't like this! MOM where are you????" How this actually translates to is blood curdling crying/screaming. Nice.

Heidi was able to get her to fall asleep for naps just fine. Large bottles (5-7 oz.), full belly, quite house = 2 hour naps. Me??? No way hosier. I get 10 min tops.

Well, I rediscovered my favorite baby equipment... THE SWING. Sometimes I forget I have cool stuff at my disposal. I will admit, she was tired but after I nursed her I laid her down in the swing. Set it to a level of "3" on a scale of 1-6, and she is still sleeping 20 min later. =) Ahhhhhh. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

God Bless plastic moving baby toys!

Some other news today! I got on the scale...and I am happy to announce I am only 4 lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!! To be honest, I haven't REALLY been working out as much as I "should" nor have I been eating very well either. It has taken me a little longer to get to the 120 lb. mark, but considering my habits, I am happy. Plus, the number on the scale is a totally different thing that weight distribution ;-) I think I had a lot more muscle before I got pregnant. My shorts are still a little tight, but hopefully nothing a little bit of working out and eating proper can't take care of.

Ok. I might only have another 5 min before she wakes up so I gotta run. But miss y'all and hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!

xoxox Heather

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