Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 Week Ride

What a crazy 8 weeks this has been. Aven turned 8 weeks on February 25, 2011.

I have been a Mom for 2 whole months!!! Wow. It is really and truly unreal what an experience this has been. Earlier, I mentioned how the first 3 weeks are really hard. Then you turn a corner at 4 weeks and by 5 weeks you feel like your world may somewhat resemble itself sooner rather than later. The last 3 weeks with Aven have been awesome. She is getting bigger by the day and becoming more alert every day. When people told me newborns were hard, they were not exaggerating. They also said it gets better everyday. Again, no exaggeration. But no one prepared me for the moment your baby looks at you and smiles. OMG! That was the best day of my life. Seriously. It was February 17th, 2011 in the morning. I finished changing her diaper and picked her up and started talking to her in a sweet voice, like I do every morning...then she looked at me and gave me this super slow motion smile. I was so surprised and happy. Of course I started crying. I kept trying to blink back the tears because I couldn't see her smiling through them. =) Oh wow. That was the best thing. *gush*

This past week Aven got more visitors! Her Aunties (Heidi and Amanda) came down for 5 days. Heidi, Amanda, and my Mom put together an AWESOME baby book for Aven. Similar to what Heidi made for me for Andy and I's wedding. Heidi is such a great scrap-booker. I am totally jealous. I put together 1 page and realized I should leave the creativity up to her ;-)

We are headed up to Illinois for Andy's cousin Jacqueline's wedding and for Aven's baptism. I am looking forward to seeing family and showing off Aven. I am not looking forward to the snow and cold weather :-P I think maybe I am most excited to see Jonah (Chris and Cara's 3 year old boy). Jonah is going to have a little sister in about 3 months and I am very interested to see him with his baby cousin. Having grandchildren running around (granted we have a year or so till Aven is "running") really completes a family. Bookends, if you will...

Some more crazy news on my part. I got a new job this week as well! I am so excited. I am going to be working in the bicycle industry with a GREAT local company. More details later, but it is exciting for sure. HUB Endurance : The Multi-sport Pro Shop, is doing great really well. GAIA Fitness is still the coaching side--GAIA is under the HUB umbrella, if you will...go check them out!

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Cara said...

Oh my gosh, Aven is so big! I can't wait to see her!!!!! Jonah is looking at your blog with me, and he kept saying "Hi, baby, baby!" I'm pretty curious about their meeting, too. :)
Congratulations again on the new job! See you soon!!!!! :)