Saturday, January 8, 2011

Breastfeeding and Aven video

Click HERE to see a video of Aven...

Click HERE to see my latest vlog.

Sorry, the videos are not embedded into the context of the vlog. Short on time these days so I did it the "easy" way. ;-)

There were some things I missed in the vlog, so I included some pics below...

Above and Below: 39 weeks (day before delivery) -- yes I was able to muster a smile between contractions hahaha

Above: Aven and Momma trying out the Moby wrap from Aunt Courtney =)

Above: Left-reusable cloth nursing pad -- Right-disposable nursing pad

Above: THE Boppy! A must have for breastfeeding ;-)

1 comment:

Laura Wheatley said...

I loved the vlog and the Aven video! You look beautiful and she is adorable - i LOVE the green outfit and her sneeze was sooo cute! :)