Monday, December 27, 2010

38 week vlog/blog

Hi everyone. According to my due date, I have 11 days to go! Yikes. We are getting really excited to meet her and being able to get to see her. We were just talking last night about how fast this pregnancy has gone. When I break it down into trimesters, the second trimester went by the fastest. But in reality 40 weeks is not THAT long of a time, considering the end result is a human being! Heavy stuff.

I have posted up a 10 min vlog to this blog as well. Topics: Dr. appointment, breastfeeding class, pretty pusher, and random stuff. BTW, pay no attention to my super sexy pajama pants at the end of the video ;-)

I also posted up some photos from Christmas and things we have accomplished in baby girl land.

Take care and try to relax ... I will be posting to Facebook and sending out text messages when baby girl decides to have her birthday. ;-) My next appointment, barring an early arrival by baby girl, is 12/30/10.

Hugs, Heather

Andy cooking the lobsters (no worry they were flash frozen, so we were "humane")



Driving up the snowy mountain

Baby girl prints


Baby girl's perspective of mobile

Quilt I made from the extra material from curtains, bumpers, and dust ruffle

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Shelley Moore said...

Love the colors and everything you and Andy have done for the baby's room! She is going to be so happy and relaxed in there! SO I have to ask... have you shared what her name is or are you teasing everyone one letter at a time? :) Keeping you in my prayers that she has a safe and fast arrival!