Saturday, August 28, 2010


Things are starting to get back to normal...I think.

For pretty much all of 2010, I have been thinking only about babies babies babies. It started in January when we decided to "try" to have a baby. It is so strange to switch from years and years of birth control to then throw it all out the window and "try" make a person. A person whom you will be responsible for, love, care about, and will depend upon you. BIG.

In less than a year I have gone from wishing and hoping to be a mother to actually being in the process of becoming one. Some days I sit back and really think about it and it blows my mind. In a good way, but still mind blowing.

Now that we know the baby is healthy, on-target, and a girl I am becoming more relaxed. I have forgotten when my next appointment is (it is written down), I forget what week I am (I have that written down too), & I have no clue what size fruit the baby is this week (yup. written down). I don't think it is the dreaded preggo forgetfulness. (Although I am losing stuff intermittently) I think I am embracing all that comes with pregnancy, and eventually motherhood. Before, I was embracing, but I think I was so worried things were going well I couldn't enjoy or relax.

A couple "update" things that I just looked up for blogging purposes:
  • I just finished my 21st week (half way there!)
  • I have gained 9 lbs.
  • I am feeling really good
  • Baby girl is moving A LOT! (punches, kicks, rolls)
  • She is roughly the length of a carrot/banana
  • I still love Skittles and now have discovered I really like root beer.
  • I have a lot of energy. Still swimming, biking (on the trainer), doing yoga, and walking.
  • My next doctor's appointment is September 3rd
  • I am beginning to enjoy the quite time in the house (heard that doesn't last long ;-))
Some strange/interesting things:
  • Everyone said it was weird we were having a girl b/c she has not "stolen" my beauty. Not sure what that means, but I have really clear skin, no strange hair growth, and I am not retaining a lot of water.
  • My belly is pink every once in awhile. I have been using coco-butter lotion everyday, so I am not too concerned-just strange. It reminds me of poor Milhouse on the Simpson's. (hehe)
  • Baby girl moving around in her home is sometimes really freaky.
We are traveling to IL/WI for Andy's Ironman. While in IL (first stop Peoria) Andy's Aunts (Anita & Teresa) and Cara are putting together a baby shower for us. We are going to meet up with Larry at some point too. We are then heading to Aurora and my family is putting a little party together for us and the baby too! We feel so blessed. I am really excited to see everyone and be able to visit. After the 2.5 days in IL, we are off to Madison for Ironman! Andy has been training a lot and I am really excited for him. I sorta think of Ironman Moo as our New Year's Eve. It marks the end of tri season and the beginning of a new year. We love the city and the Ironman party. We are going to be able to see A LOT of our friends up there. Here is a list of everyone I know who is racing:
  • Dan Johnson (my Uncle-first IM) =) #2194
  • Dennis Killian #2050
  • Rebecca Franks #2637
  • Mark Temple #1845
  • Damon Dusin #766
  • Brad Kitzerow #269
  • Andy Sweet #422
  • Chris Daniels #1530
  • Ryan Case #341
  • Flip Hartman #1685
  • Drew Hartman #1198
  • Mike Donahue #1665
  • Margaret Watson #2259
Off to finish laundry and do some yoga. :) Hope to see many of you in a few weeks!

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Shelley Moore said...

You guys are going to raise the happiest, healthiest, Sweetest little girl - You're going to make great parents!