Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 16!

Well, I am officially 16 weeks. Check out the article from Strong

Baby Sweet is the size of a large pear.

Interesting to think since he/she has most of what they are going to have when they are born. At this point everything is really really small and not functioning. Although, I have heard I should be feeling "fluttering" or kicking. I am not sure how that is supposed to feel, but really the only thing I am feeling is gurgling. The gurgling isn't like sounds your tummy makes when you are hungry or rumbling, but it feels like it. Just really low. If you asked me to pin-point it, it would directly behind and a little below my belly button. Plus since baby Sweet's placenta is attached on the front of my belly, it is absorbs most of his/her movement :(

Baby Sweet can make facial expressions, he/she has eye lashes, and could be having his/her first hiccups...only I can't feel them -- yet ;-)

Strange things keep happening to my body. I got the Strong Mom's newsletter on Monday. Of course, BEFORE I read it I arrived to work sneezing and had a full-on runny nose. I thought I might have gotten sick. (I rarely, if ever, get sick). UGH. Then I read the newsletter and discovered the increase in blood volume can wreak havoc on my nose! Strange, but true.

I am feeling a lot more energy and am not falling asleep at 6:30 pm anymore. Whew. I have been doing yoga, running, and swimming. Which is good, since I have decided baby Sweet and I are going to do a triathlon! On August 8th we are going to do the Sports Barn Super Sprint. The swim is .25 (440 yd) mile swim - 8.2 mile bike - 2 mile run. Since I have never done this tri before, it will be easier to hold back and not be going for a time. -- I hope. We will be in it to finish. I am thinking I might even wear my Tri-Shark jersey. When I wore this jersey before I usually tucked it up under my bra strap anyway, this time instead of a flat tummy, baby Sweet will be bumpin' out. :)

In addition to the preggers calendar ticking by, I have some more good news. I have gotten a new job at I am the marketing director for BTD. We hook up Americans (and some Europeans living in the US) with bike tour vacations in Europe. We handle everything from booking the inclusive tour to answering questions about traveling in Europe. The cost of the tour includes breakfast and lunch each day (typically both but always breakfast), hotel accommodations, luggage transfers, the bike tour (guided and self guided), and bike rental. The only thing we do not include in the price of the tour is the airfare. We are in the process of revamping our web-site and adding all the 2011 tour information. *keep an eye out for fun stuff.

Speaking of the fun stuff! BikeToursDirect has a Facebook page AND a Twitter page. @BikeToursDirect. Please become a "fan" on FB and follow us on Twitter. We will soon be creating a blog so that will be one more fun thing to read while at work ;-)

Take care and see ya on the flip side, Heather

I will leave you a pic of me at 16 weeks...oh I AM gettin' bigger :)


Shelley Moore said...

Heather, you're just plain RADIANT! You look beautiful, and you're going to be the hottest mama out there on the tri course :)

Anthony said...

you should name the pear Seven

Cara said...

Awww, you're starting to really look pregnant! It's a nice turning point when people can recognize it and not just wonder if you've been hitting the pie counter a little too much. :)
I bet the gurgles are flutters! Pretty soon you'll be able to tell for sure! I'm excited for your tri! You will be fine -- it's almost exactly the same time frame as Tri-Shark was for me (week 18 or so?) and it was no problem. There definitely needs to be a separate awards category for that, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mommy Heather! Sorry I'm a little late, you look absolutely terrific preggers!! See, the online magic 8 ball was right, baby Sweet was on the way! Take care, so proud of you w/ the new job too! ;)