Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Andy updated his blog!

Andy is out at Interbike in Las Vegas this week. This is the coolest bike show EVER.

The first 2 days are the "dirt demo" Andy gets to ride any bike he wants and put it through the ringer. He said the last time he went he totally demolished a cross bike and kindly handed it back to the rep without flinching. The rep said thanks and handed him another one!

The third day of the show is at the Expo (I think this year it is at the Sands convention center). Also on the third day is Cross Vegas. One of the most exciting and popular Cyclo-cross races.

The rest of the week is a regular expo. Andy is much better at loading pictures. So his blog is full of them. Warning: Vegas in September will make you jealous! (hint: it is not raining there).

PS-Andy has not set up the "instant e-mail" thing I did. So you actually have to click on the link. I would save it to your favorites or bookmark it or something.

later taters, H

Chattanooga, TN -- RAIN RAIN RAIN

Bloomington, IL -- I don't care 'cuz it there is a monsoon in Chattanooga

Aurora, IL -- see entry for Bloomington, IL

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