Sunday, August 16, 2009

After work on a Saturday night...

Ok. Total random post. I JUST got home from work tonight and I am a) royally pissed off that I am working so damn late [got home at 1:25 am] to make an effing dollar and b) stinking frustrated that Andy and I are on totally opposite schedules. He was already asleep when I got home and I felt bad waking him up to tell him I was too wired from working to go to sleep right away. Seriously, ya'll can't go to sleep 20 minutes after you got home from work, can you? Rhetorical. I can't. Whatever. Onto the randomness of this post...

Ummm. What was I gonna say? Oh yeah! Terrapin India Brown Ale. My new favorite beer. Brewed and distributed in/out of Athens, GA. (Home of University of GA). Come to find out... Southerners LOVE their fricken college football. It is crazy. Even if they didn't go to college; everyone, I mean stinking everyone, has a "team." Ok, funny story. The University of GA's logo is a "G" and looks exactly like Greenbay's "G", only in black and red. There are so many cars down here with this stupid "G" on it. Anyway, when I first moved down here I thought all these southerners are really dim. First, they have the color of the Greenbay "G" wrong and also why the H would they like a Northern team all the way down here? Come to find out, they were only freaky because they like college football ;-) Oh yea... back to Terrapin Beer, all I gotta say is awesome. Yum. BTW...I have only had one.

I went swimming in some blue holes a couple days ago. So much fun. There are creeks all over down here and when the water is low in the summer the big creeks have these killer swimming holes. Super duper fun. Never thought I would enjoy swimming in a creek, but I can see my feet because the water is so clear. So there you go. I have pics...gotta get some help from the old man to get these things loaded up on the blog.

I am planning on running the Chickamauga Battlefield half marathon on November 14th. (Pronounced Chick-mou-ga) Since I have only raced 13.1 miles at the end of a triathlon, I think it would be a good distance to really push myself at. We will see how it goes.

Weather is good and hot down here. Heard IL is getting up there too. Pardon the strangeness of this post, without Andy to entertain me after work all I have is you ;-) hahaha.

Oh yea, totally almost forgot. For all those bloggers out there, here is a great blog to read. This chick from Alabama worked for the CW, you know the TV station. Anyway she had this awesome on-line "news" show on the CW home page for a couple years. Well, she got laid off because of the recession and is blogging on her own and making You Tube videos. She is really funny and pretty interesting. The name of her blog is "Blogging with AJ."

Later taters, Heather

PS-I had a job interview on Friday with an Internet marketing firm here in Chattanooga. Hopefully, I will hear some good news middle of this upcoming week. I don't want to get too excited, but it is a really cool company.

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